The Year 5 Camp Experience

Write down all the interesting and fun things you did while on camp. Remember to write in complete sentences. Make sure everyone in your group contributes a sentence about their camp experience.

Click on the button below and write what you did on the Padlet Wall.

                    Think, Pair and Share

Work with a partner and talk to each other about your camp experience. Here are some questions to help you along.

1. What was your most memorable activity at camp?

2. Where did you sleep while at camp?

3. What did you eat for breakfast?

4. What were some of the fruits you saw at the market?

5. What games did you play with your team mates?

6. Who packed your bag for you?

7. What were some of the things you took on camp?

8. Did you see any interesting insect, animal or plant while on the jungle trek?

9. What was the camp called?

10. How many days did you stay at Gopeng?

                                    Group Work
          Read the passages and discuss           what you notice about the way the                        sentences are written?

     Can you come up with a rule about writing to describe an event or a diary entry?

                     Write your rule on a white board and leave it on your table.

   Watch the song and write down all                      the verbs (action words).

         Do you want to add anything to                                           your rule?

                  Two Sisters and the Cat

Read the story and answer the comprehension questions. Proceed to the 3rd page to complete the closed passage. Remember to make use of the words given. Once completed check your answers and take a screen shot. Upload your picture to your drive.

                      Game Time - Ghosts


    Complete the google form below. Click on the button and answer the questions.