8th Period:  Raydell J, Juno M, Shaq N, Briana E.

That morning and afternoon with my friends Stacey, Akiva, and Tanesha was sitting down outside in the Al Raby parking lot across the street from the school. We was planting flowers and cleaning the garden. We gotten tired so we sat down and took a lacking picture. This picture shows the girls I actually hang around.

These are boys that live on Wilcox and Kostner. They are all a crew and ride for each other. They are some young males and they all gang bang. These young males were just sitting on the block and decided to take a picture to put on Facebook to show others that they were posted on the block.

Chilling at the slot: The slot is another word for crib. Here we see eight African American teens chilling in the slot on the Westside of Chicago showing how we hang; showing we stick together.

This day I went out with all girls and my little brothers. We all had fun that day. I did not wont to be on the block all day so we went out. Bowling is my favorite sport, so we went there and I know my team was going to win.

“Can’t Be STOPED” This was the second game of the season. We went to Geneso. The other team was kicking a field goal and I was trying my best to block it because we were losing. I got through the offensive line real quick.                                    

The Al Raby pompom team was in the back of the school in the auditorium getting ready for our performance.It was me, Briana and Ulisha was getting dress and decided to take a picture.

This picture was capture on stacey phone when she was on her way walking home from school.

A.M  streets: A rainy day on the Westside of Chicago during school times, proving that the streets are empty during school, and everybody is too busy or sleepy to be out early.

This block is where I live. I lost a lot of homies and family on this block. This area is a bad neighborhood it has a lot of dirty lots.

This picture was taking on a Friday night. Circeld 5 boys and one girl. A crime when on and they was circed to see what happen. Maby there friend died. Who know’s

Inside Alraby gym room, 2nd period. We were playing kick ball with sophomore and seniors. Everyone was engaging in the sport and they was also playing, laughing and having fun.

Kickball :Eleven  African Americans who are mixed gender, are being active in gym because the teacher said if they didn't participate they would fail, so they joined the game.

In McDonalds bathroom just got done getting dress. Ready to get on the clock and start work. Knock these 6 hours out on this nice Friday afternoon. I Was looking nice in the mirror with my hair done so I decided to take a picture. In this picture it shows I’m a working hard female that doesn’t mine taking the time out my day and go to work and it shows I love money.

“Mo Money Mo PROBLEMS” I just got my first job check and i just wanted to show off, so Itook a picture.

These are my two closest homies. Every day, I come outside you will see both of them around me. I trust them more than any other guys im around.

Absent teacher: Here we see 2 teens students chilling in class with  there feet kicked up  ,and playing temple run on a tablet when they finished their work .

This picture were was taken in math class. A boy named  Jimmy does not pay attention at all. This what he does every day in every class he goes to.

Hard Worker :We see Ms. Enoch an African American female age of 17 rushing, and trying her best to complete a project that must be turned in by the end of class.

Abandoned Class: This abandoned class was first period. The teacher was absent , and they heard a lot of noise in the hallway ,so they dashed out the class to go and join the nonsense.

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