The Importance Of Diesel Heater For Truckers

Diesel engines need higher temperatures to work, making them difficult to start when it is cold. If your truck runs on a diesel engine, you need a heater that can warm the engine up first before it starts. Different types of heaters have been specifically developed to keep various parts of an automobile warm enough for a quick start, even when the vehicle is not being driven. Newer trucks might come with heaters, but others may require the installation of a diesel heater.

A diesel heater can be a valuable investment for trucking companies as well as freelance truckers, especially those who are concerned about keeping their engines in tiptop shape during the winter or whenever it is cold. A diesel heater ensures that your engine can run efficiently through the harshest weather conditions. Do not let the cold prevent your diesel engine from performing at its best. Invest in a diesel engine block heater to fix the issue.

Benefits of Having an Engine Block Heater

Your truck's engine can run more efficiently with a block heater. The inability of an engine to start or keep up with the cold can affect the truck’s overall performance, causing it to work harder and use up more resources. An engine block heater can help the diesel engine warm up efficiently and keep it warm, even when the truck is parked.

Diesel heaters with anti-idling technology can be useful at reduced temperatures as they prevent winter fuel gelling and minimize costs for winter fuel additives. An efficient diesel heater eliminates the need for over-under dosage of fuel additives. A high-quality heater can likewise reduce the need for component maintenance and wear, and also can minimize DPF fouling and regen cycles.

Better for the Environment

A block heater can minimize the truck's harmful emissions (as diesel truck emissions are improved when the fuel is warm). The heater is already working even before you start the truck, providing as much heat to the engine as possible.

Costs of Installation

Choose diesel heaters that are easy and low cost to install. They should be cost effective in the long run, too. Espar makes plug-and-play diesel heaters that can be used with systems like Espar Hydronic D5 and D4, as well as with Webasto and Espar coolant heaters. The unit is versatile for use with any APUs when the coolant is routed through the fuel heater to provide a run signal and 12 volts.

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