The Pigman
Author: Paul Zindel
By: Camille Walters


My presentation will be narrated not only by me but by John, Mr.Pignati, and Lorraine. This method was inspired by the way the book was made with the exception of Mr.Pignati.

About The Author/Genre

The author of the The Pigman is Paul Zindel.     Paul Zindel was well known author of teen/pre-teen books.  Some of his other books are "The Pigman's Legacy" ( I know you don't have to say anything , I am pretty cool if I have my own legacy.), and "My Darling, My Hamburger".   Although The Pigman is a fiction book, Paul Zindel uses his personal experiences as a guide for the plot and characters.


  • The "best friends":

John: bad boy image, rebel, prankster

Lorraine: goody goody, doesn't like her self

  • The "Dad":

Mr.Pignati: a father figure, loves pigs ,(P.S That's Me)

Bore: John's real dad, mean,  had cirrhosis ,

  • The "Moms":

Ms.Jensen: Lorraine's mom, nurse, hates men, mean to Lorraine

John's Mom: A neat freak, does not care about John

  • The "Stealer"

Norton: He is known for stealing, loner,  nobody likes  him


The story takes place in Staten Island, New York and Manhattan. Also in the school library,  Mr.Pignati home,  and John and Lorraine's home.


Plot: The plot of the story is that two teens, John and Lorraine meet............ wait for it wait for it  ME, Mr.Pignati. This soon to be friendship ends up spiraling down when John, Lorraine and ME  end up playing and a tragedy happens. Not to soon after this John and Lorraine take advantage of this relationship which leads up to................... THE DEATH OF YOURS TRULY ( P.S If you didn't catch on its ME!) ( If you still didn't its Mr.Pignati)

Conflict: There are many conflicts in the story.  Below are some of the conflicts:

1. John and Lorraine decide to throw a party in my house ( those crazy holagans)

2. When I don't realize I am to old to be roller skating and I have heart attack.

3. When I find out BOBO died.( I wonder what its like to be a monkey, anyway back to the presentation.


Here are some theme's in the story:

My loneliness, companionship, John and Lorraines guiltiness, and love.


In the book that we wrote there is a lot of  symbolism especially with pigs ( Hey John do you and Mr.Pignati want some bacon, now that were talking about pigs.) Anyway, the pigs meant a lot to Mr.Pignati. It was a bond he shared with Mrs.Pignati. To me and Lorraine, Mr.Pignati symbolized a father figure in our lives.  To Mr.Pignati, I believe that me and John symbolized companionship.


If you haven't noticed me and Lorraine used a lot of foreshadowing and suspense in our story and Mr.Paul Zindel helped us a lot with that. Here are a few moments we foreshadowed:

1. The prologue in the beginning of the book prepares us for a tragedy.

2. When  I describes the different people's problems who are coming to the party, it foreshadows that the party is going to spiral out of control.

3.  When Lorraine tells her dream to me about something leading her into the pig room, that foreshadows the incident with Norton.

As you can see in our story there are many scenes when we give you a hint.     


Thank you guys for our time, but now we are going to send it back over to Camille for connections.(P.S Don't forget to read the second book " The Pigman's Legacy")

Text to Self = I connected to the story not only because of John and Lorraine's age but also because of the "goody goodness" in Lorraine. If you didn't know I am a goody goody but I always have those temptations like Lorraine.

Text to Text = I couldn't recall a book but I do know a movie. Which is the Lion King. I connected that because when Mufasa dies his son, Simba feels lonely and leaves. But then he meets Timon and Pumba which is his companionship. Then he feels guilty because he realizes he betrayed is pride and he needs to step up and be a good king.

Text to World = I connected it to the world. Because everybody wants to try to fit in and at one point and because of this we have all felt lonely. Probably even needed companionship no matter if it was a person or a animal.


An important golden line was "And maybe Lorraine and I were only a different kind of baboon in a way. Maybe we were all baboons for that matter—big blabbing baboons—smiling away and not really caring what was going on as long as there were enough peanuts bouncing around to think about.......baffled baboons concentrating on all the wrong things."(Last page)


What do you call an exploding monkey?

A baboom.

What is the quietest kind of dog?

A hush puppy.

What would happen if pigs could fly?

The price of bacon would go up.

What is the slipperiest country?


How do they serve smart hamburgers?

On honor rolls.

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3 years ago

Yes because if he really loves them and care for them i guess he would of forgiven them

3 years ago

Yes because now he has anything he wants in heaven!

3 years ago


3 years ago

I think that Mr.Pignati will forgive John and Lorraine because without them the only thing in his life would be bobo and his galss pigs. John and Lorraine are really the only human contact he probably had after his wife died. I know even Mr.Pignati would still remember the event and would still be hurt just a little deep down inside........👍 👍 👍 👍 👍

3 years ago

Yes because he loved them and now that they are writing his legacy he trust them even more and can tell that they miss them and are really believes that if they could do it over they would but the right way

3 years ago

I think that Mr.Pignati would forgive John and Lorraine because he was to blame

3 years ago

sorry it's suppose to be glass

3 years ago

Yes i think that he would forgive them because he loved them as his own kids. And maybe the only thing that would change would be how much he trust them. Because when they threw the part mr.pignati probably felt like if they betraded him so he well forgive but probably wont trust them the same way he ever did before. And i dont think that there friendship will change that much , except on how much they trust each other.

3 years ago

I would have forgave them because there are always times when I have done something wrong that I regret. We are only human.

3 years ago

I think Mr. Pignati would have forgave John and Lorraine because he is a loving and caring man. John and Lorraine broke his pigs which is the only thing that he shared with his wife Conchetta Pignati since day 1. He should be mad because John and Lorraine should have never even threw the party ( which was only supposed to be 4 people) turned out to be like 100's of people. When you throw a party and don't invite Norton ( the marshmallow kid) he will eventually find out and come. Why would John and Lorraine even think of throwing the party? When they're friend/father figure is in the Hospital laying in the death bed. If I was Mr. Pignati I would be mad at John and Lorraine because they broke something that was the most valuable things that I cherished,which are my pigs and my TRUST in them, and I would never forgive them for destroying my valuable things in my home, and to invite all those people in my home...