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Kush, the place were everyone thrived

Kush (1600-1100 B.C.E)

Kush was know for its rich gold mines in fact another word for kush was Nubia, which comes from nub, the Egyptian word for gold.

Kush (In the mid 700s)

Kush took advantage of Egypt's weakness. Kushite armies invaded Egypt. In about 730 B.C.E, the kings from northern Egypt surrendered to Kush's King Piye.

(About 600 B.C.E)

The Kushites got iron because they wanted to master iron weapon wielding like the Assyrians. The Kushites had everything to produce iron: iron ore and lots of trees. I was a good accomplishment because now they will have great attack power.

Kush returned to its African roots. Kushites worshiped an African lion-god instead of Egyptian gods. They wrote and spoke a native language called Meroitic. Kush art and architecture flourished. Artisians made beutiful pottery, cloth, gold, silver jewelry. Rulers built grand palaces, temples, and pyramids.

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