Career Research Project

Nuclear Engineer
Levi Roberts

Necessary Job Skills

Need to be able to work with a team to solve a problem

Excel in math and science specifically calculus and chemistry

Be able to stick with a plan and be well organized

Education Requirements

Nuclear engineering requires a 4 year bachelors degree in nuclear engineering and other side courses such as calculus, algebra,physics, and chemistry. Many employers also value experience in the field.

University of Illinois

The university of Illinois is a division 1 school in the big ten conference with multiple locations. These locations are Champaign, Chicago, and Springfield but Champaign is the main campus. It also has a large coed student body of about 44,000. It is very well known for their engineering programs and is ranked number 5 in the nation. And is ranked 25th in the world for academics.

Words I Live by:

When I was younger my mom used to tell me "Someday I want you to be able to say you made it in life." And this quote is important to me because it came from a very big influence in my life and it was keeps me going no matter what is happening or what has already happened. And I think this will be able to take me very far in life because it will give me the desire to push through problems and work things out.

My Role Model

The number one role model in my life currently is my dad. He is my role model because of everything he went through as a kid but he still pushed through it and went to college and ended up pretty successful. He was also a very good student athlete in high school and in college. He played football at NIU and also graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering.

And since college he has also lived a very successful life. He has raised a family with 4 boys and kept my mom happy. And he has also supported our family since my mom only works part time as an E.R. doctor. And he has also been able tp put my brother through college. And through all of his work he still finds time for my brothers and I. He has always made sure he comes to all of our sporting events and often helps coach for my younger brothers. He also makes time to take us out hunting and fishing on a regular basis. And those are all reasons why I consider my dad my role model.

The New Hot Job:Nuclear Engineer

Right now a lot of people in the engineering field are considering nuclear engineering the trend of engineering. Many people say its what a lot of countries want and need,"With worldwide interest in nuclear energy and technology skyrocketing, engineers with a nuclear background are feeling very popular these days". And these are some of the reasons I would like to pursue this career. Because its so rare but still needed everywhere, therefor there is a very high demand for people with these degrees. Especially considering all of the new discoveries they are finding to make nuclear energy safe and efficient.

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