Decision-making model

1. Steve is stuck between choosing to helping his parents by babysitting his little brother and allow them to visit a distant friend or go to his schools most exciting football game.

2.he can either babysit or go to the football game

3. if he babysits it allows his parents to visit a distant friend and his parents will most likely be happy! if he just goes to the game his parents will most likely be upset that they will not be able to visit their friends.

4. I believe that he should stay home and baby sit because there is more than 1 game during a football season and he could help his parents in a little way for as much as they have done for him.

5. I would stay home and baby sit my brother. Mom: thank you for staying and babysitting me: no problem mom: Since you did this I'm going to allow you to go to the next and i will take you shopping this weekend!

6. I believe that staying home is the best decision and the best decision for you and your family! It proves that you are thinking about other people and not just yourself!

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