Inference from Cinderella
by Brothers Grimm
Nijha' Williams

inference; She is sad and laying with her mother because she is sick and dying.

Her mother says "even though i cannot be at your side as you grow, ill be watching over you".

Inference; even though her mother is gonna be dead she will still watch over her when she's in heaven.

inference; The 2 step daughter and step mother are torturing Cinderella and making her life miserable.

"When the step daughters hear about the tree with doves granting wishes, they were full of hope and excitement, and they all ordered Cinderella more than ever.

Inference; They are going to use her tree and grant wishes , then keep her busy and distracted so she cant use it.

Inference; Its almost midnight and she needs to run away before the prince sees her in the rags she wears at home.

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