Haiti Under Duvalier Rule

Haiti in 1970s

(Left) Papa Doc (Right) Baby Do


Structural change lifted Haiti's annual output and labor productivity growth rates to  international levels of 5 percent and 4.6 percent by the late 1970's. Both have since declined, however, reflecting two factors. First, agricultural output and productivity have fallen from their already stagnating levels of the late 1970's. Manufacturing output grew 10 percent yearly in the 1970's.  The assembly industry sprang up here in the 1970's because 2,500 items could enter the U.S. duty-free, if at least 35 percent of their value was added in Haiti. Value added in agriculture in the five year period down an average of 1.3 percent annually, valued added in industry down an average of 2.2 percent yearly. In 1978 there were 4,000 families in Haiti with an average annual in come exceeding $90,000.


How they affected the people of Haiti

Events and conditions that led people to leave Haiti

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