The main idea for this article is cyber-bullying is a horrible thing, any bullying should not be done. It needs to stop and this article provides help or advice for anyone who is interested. The audience for this source is young adults, teenagers. As well as adults, it gives excellent advice and help.  

This article gives a bunch of other information, including facts with the different types of bullying and help/advice for each one. You are able to click on the different links and it will take you to the different article with the topic you are interested in. I think this is very useful. I recognize the information that is being covered. I have experienced being bullied and it is the worst. By googling cyber-bullying it is the first article, it provides the best advice and tells you that you are not the only one going through it.

This source was created at the time it was produced because over the years bullying has increased. Especially with the advanced technology we have, there are many ways you can harass others. It is not right and needs to stop!

Other resources and information about Cyber-bullying or any other type are on the resources below.

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