Mobile Apps

For K-12 Classrooms

For the purpose of this assignment, I've decided to focus on various science related apps that can help students understand concepts and illustrate them in innovative ways. Each app is embedded at the bottom of the page. Please view them to get a greater understanding of them

App 1

WWF Together

This app allows the user to interactively view different species of animals up close. They can look at their appearance, intelligence, habits, and if they are endangered or not. This app allows students for an up-close experience that would only be available to them beyond the walls of the classroom through expensive excursions.

App 2

Cell and Cell Structure

This app identifies different aspects of the cell to the user such as terms, visuals, and differences between animal and plant cells. This app would be excellent for assisting students in testing their knowledge since it includes terms, pictures, and differences.

App 3

Plant History Lite

This app displays meiosis and mitosis of plants through microscopic slides. This app can help students grasp the difficult concepts of meiosis and mitosis and break it down to further their understanding and help with their memory with the various images of the stages of both processes that they see.

App 4

Painted Lady Butterflies

This app illustrates the life cycle of a butterfly to the user. It includes various tools such as videos and diagrams. This app would be perfect to display an essential lesson to early education learners and can allow students to connect to the lesson personally by being able to see different images and videos of different stages of butterflies' life cycles.

App 5

Building Atoms, Ions, and Isotopes

This app includes a periodic table and information about the atomic theory. Additionally, the user has the ability to create atoms, ions, and isotopes by using various protons, neutrons, and electrons. Personally I struggled with Chemistry in high school and this app would be perfect to break down difficult concepts and add a fun twist to it as well.

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