Theres different kinds of ocean animals and plants in the ocean! The ocean can teach you how many kinds of fishes are in the ocean.

Abiotic : water,sand,rocks, shells, air bubbles and trash.

Biotic:Coral, turtles, dolphins,clown fish,star fish,sharks, ray,and jelly fish

Carrying Capacity

Carrying Capacity: Limit of how many individual organisms an ecosystem can support.

They need food,water,sunlight, and shelter space.

The ocean can have oil spill, trash and all animals will end up on the beaches and can get hurt.  

limiting Factors and Predator/Prey Relationship.

Limiting Factors:Factors that influence carrying capacity Ex:disease,drought,flood,wildfire,ect...

Predator and Prey the fishes can die from the oil spill and sharks will eat

Energy Roles

  • Producer:Algae Consumers:Ducks, Decomposer: Shrip.

Food Chains and Food Web

Food web are important because its shows you how one animals can eat another animal

If the Sea Otter decrease the shark wouldn't have anything to eat. So the shark would decrease too.But the shark can eat different kind of fishes

Trophic Levels and Energy Pyramids

If the energy pyramid was a cube it wouldn't work because it wouldn't show how much energy does each animal gets. And if it was a cylindar it would show the same energy it each gets and the pyramid goes bigger to smallest to show how one energy get more or less.

Producer are the largest from the pyramid because a producer get more of the energy, and the smallest gets the least.


C6 H12 O6. carbon hydrogen oxygen. the leaf produces sugar, the sugar is called glucose. The reactants are water light and air. it produces sugar and releases oxygen.Photosynthesis takes place in the leaf its self. The energy transformation is radiant energy to chemical energy.


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