5 photo story

Story by Ashley Dighton Photos by folder 1

I sat at the table waiting for my food. I was really hungry. I had gotten a Coca-Cola and a glass of water to drink. I didn't want to stay too long. I couldn't be found. Not again! I finally got my food and ate it. I left my money at the table and then left and was on my way.

I walked down the street with my hood up over my head. I pull my jacket closer around me and hope not to be seen. I walk past this old house and think that it is beautiful and with that I still had a home to be in.

I keep walking and see an older man walking his dog. I get scared and hope he doesn't know who I am. His dog is cute and I start to remember what my dog looked like. I miss my family, but know they are gone.

As I keep walking farther I see that there are more trees up ahead. "I hope that I am getting closer to the forest." I say. As I walk a little farther I get closer and there are a set of steps. 

I come up to a set of stairs and start to think to myself. I can only think that this is the last step to my freedom. Soon I will be home free. As I climb the stairs I get butterflies in my stomach and get really happy. I see the edge of a forest and think that I’m home. I will never have to worry about moving from house to house anymore. I run into the woods and feel all the trees and nature around me. The wind whispers and I whisper back to it, "I am home now."

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