5 Simple Tips to Do Proper Care of Your Automatic Watch

The simple definition of a watch is a machine that is created to express the purpose of making the passage of time for personal use. Watches have become a universal status symbol, artistic creativity, incorporating sophisticated technology, elevating some of these time pieces into collectors museums and items showcases.

The watch admirers have always preferred automatic watches over the mass produced quartz watches because of its status as the real deal. Automatic watches or analog watches as they are also referred to, are considered the purist form of this speciality. It has evolved over the years from individualized parts being created by specifically trained craftsman and then being incorporated into one beautiful creation to having all the specialized technicians working together under one roof designing together complicated automatic watches.

So, if you own a good quality analog watch, it is important to do its proper care to keep it in tip-top position. Enlisted below are the basic tips to do proper caring for your watch. Let us have a glimpse of what they are:

- To keep your watch safe and clean all the time, it is important that you must take it off when you are doing some work that will ruin it. While doing the things like cutting meat, making dough for bread, cooking food or something like that, it will get stuck to the watch. If you realize that how much dirt gets trapped into your watch band, then you would not even want to wear it while eating.

- Do not take the shower while your watch is on. As the various things like shampoo, soap or various other toiletries can eat away its gaskets and ruin them.

- Do not use any buttons on the watch if you are under the water as doing it will easily allow water to enter the watch. While there is a few exceptions to this as some of the newest watches use magnetic switches in their pushers. But this feature is available only on a few and very costly watches. So, do not try your luck seeing if your watch has it.

- It is crucial to get your mechanical watch services every 5 to 10 years if you wear it or not. It is mainly because the oil present in the watch may dry out. If your watch is non water resistant, then watch dirt will collect and with the passage of time the oil dried up parts will wear out. You can ignore this advice but the end results could be an expensive repair bill. Also, what happens sometime is worn out parts are no longer available in the market which makes your watch unrepairable and custom parts need to be made which is quite costly.

- Before going to work in or near something that is bad for your watch, such as chemicals or anything similar to that, take it off.

Therefore, keeping these important tips in mind you can ensure the proper working of your automatic watch as well as increasing its life for a longer period of time.

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