(Benhur Luy, Sen. Ramon "Bong" Revilla, and Pres. Benigno "P-Noy" Aquino)

Actually, I heard this controversy, and it is all about "Pork Barrel" which is the famous issue in the Government. My dad is also saying that if there's no one that will tell the truth, nothing will happen to that issue. So what will a simple person can do if one or many of them is/are still lying?? Nothing will happen to us, to the money they stole and wasted for the nonsense things! And if there's some who are lying, nothing will change and no progress will happen to our life and to our country.

My Favorite Food


Steps or procedure in cooking fried chicken:

Ingredients: Chicken and Breading mix/flour

- Wash the chicken with clean water to make it clean

- Heat the pan with cooking oil

- While waiting for the cooking oil to boil, put the chicken to the brading mix/flour

- Put the chicken to the boiling cooking oil and wait until it became golden brown

- Then serve it with gravy, catsup, or other contiments to make the food nice for the one who eats it.

My Favorite Place For This Summer


This is one of my favorite place I want to visit. I want to go to this place because last 2009, we went in Pangasinan and we took shots and many pictures there but the Hundred Islands was too far even if we were in the end of Pangasinan which is Alaminos. So this vacation, the mother side of my father are planning to have a vacation and we will go exactly at the Hundred Islands. And i don't want to missed it because that chance is only once in a lifetime.


My Favorite Leisure, Fashion Trend, and Gadgets


- every day i woke up early, texting my someone special and preparing to go to school. I take a bath, brushing my teeth, preparing and wearing my clothes, wearing my shoes, and the thing that i will never forget everyday and the most wasting time everyday before I go to school, putting "fix clay doh" to my hair... xD

- every weekend,, I woke up late because I'm tired during schooldays, sometimes, I woke up early because my coach in basketball ask me to join them jogging in far places, so that if we play basketball in the morning, we are so energetic, while the other players in other team are felt so sleepy. I'm helping my parents in doing some household choirs, and if I have a freetime, I also texting my someone special xD

Fashion Trend

- wearing simple t-shirt and short every day specially when I am at home. I also wear skinny pants, nice and simple t-shirts, "adizero" (adidas) shoes and my necklace Rosary everytime when I have place to go.


- only one gadget is my favorite among many gadgets. "cellphone", yah cellphone is the only gadget that I will never forget in my everyday life, days can't passed if I'm not using my cellphone, you know texting friends, classmates and others. So even my mother can't stop me in using my cellphone even if she got angered in me. And no one can stop me in using my cellphone :P

Importance of Knowing One Self

- it is important because you will know the attitude of that person, you will know what he/she likes or not, you will know how long is their kindness and patience, and you will have your limitations of doing something to that person.

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