Justin Timberlake's

Pre Rock And Roll

Woody Guthrie

- Meaningful though expressions



Buddy Holly

- Good looking guy, loved by girls at his time, coincidently also married


Issac Haye


The Beach Boys

- Sound cultivation, processing

- Longest intro


Michael Jackson

- Dancing



- Personal inspiration   



Justin Timberlake "“D’Angelo’s Voodoo and Radiohead’s Kid A. It may seem ironic that I’d pick two albums released in the first year of the twenty-first century, with all the great music that has come since then. But I was 19. I was ready to listen to music in a different way. Not only were they filled with great songs, but the sound of them really affected me. They were complete pieces of work — progressive and retro at the same time. They transformed whatever world I was in at the time. And eventually led to my desire to make my first solo record. I’ll always reference them as the inspiration that got me off of my ass. I always go back to them, and they still do (get me off of my ass).”

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