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MI1 This holiday season, the hottest present is a high-tech gadget. It’s not a video game, tablet or smartphone. It’s a drone. SD1 The Phantom 2 Vision has four propellers and a high-quality camera. It sells for $1,200.A drone is a small flying aircraft, often with a camera attached .MI2 Rob Powley of Mahwah, New Jersey, has a lot of drones. He has so many that he’s lost count. Some he bought already made. Others he built himself.SD1For years, drones were used by the military for secret missions. They gathered information and dropped bombs. SD2Now the average person can afford a drone and more and more are appearing in the skies .SD3But more drones buzzing around also has brought more problems. Airplane pilots in the sky and tourists in national parks have seen them hovering close by .MI3 Five years ago, drones were hard to get and too expensive for most people, said Mike Blades. He watches the drone business .SD1 Since then, sales of drones have skyrocketed. Blades thinks that next year people will buy 2.4 million drones. It would be double as many sold in 2014 .SD2 Remote-controlled airplanes and helicopters have been around for a long time. Drones are different, though. They are easier to fly and can be flown in small spaces. In fact, Powley flies his own drones around his house and office .SD3 “You can fly with first-person video, so it looks like you’re inside it. That’s really cool,” he said .MI4 Military drones were designed for stealth: to be as quiet as possible. The drones sold in stores are not stealthy, though. Most of them buzz like a hive full of angry bees .SD1 Drones run on batteries. If the battery runs out, the drone may fall out of the sky like a stone .SD2 Still, drone technology is improving rapidly. Soon, drones will use lighter equipment and better batteries. They will fly higher, farther and faster than any today .SD3 More drones in the sky has also brought up more concerns about

people. https://newsela.com/articles/hunting-drones/id/7084

MI1 An Illinois lawmaker wants to prevent hunters from using drones. She believes using the unmanned planes to spot animals is unfair.SD1 Morrison decided to propose the law after talking to state wildlife officials.MI2 Illinois already takes several steps to preserve what is known as "fair chase" in hunting. Fair chase is the idea of giving hunted animals a chance. The state also does not allow using bait to lure animals, dogs to kill and certain lights to see animals at night. SD1 Hunters might use drones to make wildlife come to them, Young said. They might also use drones to locate wildlife. Then they could go to that spot to hunt.

I think that drones are causing a big problem and they need to stop selling them to people and only the u.s.a military should use them. Also that some people are flying them way to close to airplanes and one drone can take down a jet. People are using drones to there adventures.

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