Biography project for Mrs.Hemry's 8th grade Language Arts class made by, Jamie R.

August 16, 1958 Madonna Louise Ciccone was born.

Historical Events

1. When Madonna was just 6 years old her mother's battle with breast cancer sadly ended, and Madonna had taken the motherly role of the house.

2. Her father soon remarried to a young Joan Gustafson.

3.  Madonna was cast in the leading role of Desperately Seeking Susan.

4. She was one of the first female artists to be features on MTV.


1. All through school Madonna was a straight A student, and always impressed her teachers.

2. Madonna had a very firm religious faith.

3. For a small time frame during middle school, Madonna was thinking about becoming a nun.

4. She was once told she had an ancient looking face, like a roman statue.

Accomplishments & People who Influenced her life

      Madonna has had very man accomplishments some of these are, she was cast as the leading role of Desperately seeking Susan.  In her life time she signed with multiple record labels and produce countless albums. She also has had many people who influenced her life, some of these people are her father Tony Ciccone, Madonna Ciccone her mother, her two brothers Martin and Anthony, and lastly her grandmother.

Unique Facts

1.  The Ciccone children earned 50 cents for every A they brought home from school.

2. Madonna lived in Ann Arbor for most of her life and went to U of M for a few years.

3. To be noticed more in her dance classes, Madonna would rip her leotards and put safety pins on the holes, plus she purposefully put runs in her tights.

4. Madonna had always felt like an outsider in her own family.

What I have learned and the Theme of her life.

What I learned about life from Madonna was that success isn't given it's earned, I also believe that this was the theme of her life because she had so many struggles and obstacles  in her way where she could have given up but she was determined to make it.


Some quotes from Madonna that I enjoyed were..

1. "When I saw the kids in the front row getting soaked, my decision was made."

2. "Express yourself"

3. "I wanted to combine fashion, Broadway, rock, and performance art in my music."

Works Cited

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