Julius Caesar & Mark Anthony

By: Almir Hawkins

Class for this project i will be comparing and contrasting Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony.

This is Julius Caesar

Julius was a roman general who overthew the Roman Republican. He played a critical role in the event that led to the demise or the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman Empire.

This is Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony was born in 82 BC in Rome. He was a son of Marc Anthony of Crete and a grandson of Marc Anthony the Orator. His mother, Julia was Ceasar's relative. His father died young and his mother remarried to Cornelius Lentulus, the senator who was put to death by Cicero in 63 for having been of Catiline's conspiracy.


Julian Caesar came from a noble family, Julii Caesares, which belonged to the patrician clan Julii. The patrician clan, or gen, was a member of the original aristocracy of Rome that had governed it since the 4th century. Even though Julii Caesares were believed to have been founded by the goddess Venus, the family was distinct in that it was humble and was progressive as opposed to being conservative. However, at the time of Caesar's birth, the influence of the patrician gens had waned significantly such that being born of the gen prohibited one from holding the office of tribune of the plebs, which was a paraconstitutional but extremely powerful office. This was partly because members of the gen were relatively poor.

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