Perfectly Posh:
The Benefits of Peppermint

We have so many wonderful pampering products. I love that Perfectly Posh uses peppermint in several products to help pamper your skin from head to toe.  

Dry Scalp/Dandruff Relief

Your scalp can suffer from inflammation and become irritated. Using a natural, peppermint oil based shampoo can improve the condition of your scalp and the overall health of your hair. I recommend the Perfectly Posh Boom Bar. It's a solid shampoo bar that is great for men and women, and the results are noticeable fairly quickly.  I use it every other day and not only does it help with your scalp, it also adds volume.

A deep cleaning, volumizing solid shampoo bar.

Sore Muscles

Just a few moments with our rosemary leaf and peppermint body scrub convince you that you've found your one true scrub.

Exfoliates skin to remove dead, dry layers and reveal tighter, nourished, healthy skin.

Stress Relief

Covers your skin gently with high quality essential oil helping you wake up, energize, and dilate vessels to relieve stress related aches.

Take eye-popping charge of your life. Get up, wake up, and get going!

Energy & Alertness

Free of dyes and fragranced only with deep-cleansing peppermint essential oil. Gently massages with finely ground Persian walnut shells. The peppermint is invigorating and leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Cleans face gently while nourishing and massaging with walnut shells.

Tired, Achy Feet

Summer days and sandals fast-approaching? Never fear! Just apply the Play Footsie line and be prepared to see your feet transform! All foot products utilize the soothing powers of peppermint to ease tired, achy feet because you DESERVE it!

Be kind to your feet! Peppermint is in every product in the Play Footsie pampering line.

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