Exploration to the New World

By Darren Wu

His Majesty Charles VII The Great

          While my men and I have sailed the great seas of the world, we have heard wild rumors and tales among the ships that the New World has vast riches and rare resources that can be in our grasp. Our allies and foes have already begun to travel there to see if the tales are true. My Lord! We must be able to surpass them so we can grab the riches for ourselves! We have heard that there are resources in the New World such as gold, diamonds, spices and other priceless items. Remember,, O Lord and Great King, when Christopher Columbus from our foe,  Spain, sailed back seven years back, bringing back chests of gold and spices from the New World, which increased Spain's power. Also, we have heard that there are other natives in the land that we can spread God too. The trip will not only profit you in riches, My Lord, we shall also spread God to the various regions! While our rewards are almost in our grasp, there is still danger between us and our goal. When we travel the seas and to the lands, we expect to meet many dangers. In the sea there shall be many storms. I believe we can conquer this obstacle with having a few Carracks at our command. When we get on land we probably would meet up with the natives there and some of the other explorers. I would do my best too make peace with the natives and trade armor and other clothing for the spices and treasures of the land. All of these things, My Lord, unfortunately, has to come to a price. All that I am asking for is a two-year of rations and a few carracks. We might also need a few weapons and accessories, just to please the natives. That is all we will need. Our trip shall start in May of 1499. My Lord, our success shall be the greatest of the whole of England!

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