In Love and War. Image 1 & 2. Hemingway- Summary

By: Sara R.

  • Hemingway’s real experience in World War I as a young soldier in Italy
  • He was wounded and sent to a military hospital where he shared a room with Villard. There, he met the nurse Agnes von Kurowski. They were in love of each other but the relationship did not work out. Furthermore,
  • This relationship was never consummated and the couple did not meet again after Hemingway left Italy
  • Ernest wanted to marry her but he was too young – she was 7 years older. He was immature.
  • They had a flirtation and nothing else. She was like an older sister to him
  • Agnes became enamored of an Italian Domenico Caracciolo. He forced her to burn all of Hemingway’s letters
  • They never got married because Domenico’s mother did not allow him to get married with an unknown American girl
  • Interesting paragraph that defines the love that Agnes and Hemingway felt for each other:
  • “ She looked toward the door , saw there was no one, then she sat on the side of the bed and learn over and kissed me. I pulled her down, and kissed her and felt her heart beating. You must not , she said. You are not well enough. Yes, I am. Come on. No. You are not strong enough. Yes, I am. Yes, please. Do you love me? I really love you. I am crazy about you. Come on, please. All right, but only for a minute”.