Baylor University

Nicole Martinez          4th period

Psychology and Neuroscience Baylor has a great classes for that career, they will teach you behavioral neuroscience, social psychology and general experimental psychology. Their expectations are while in the program students are expected to take coursework, participate in seminars, assist faculty in hands-on research, develop independent research skills (culminating in the dissertation), and gain teaching experience. The program is designed so that the requirements can be completed in four years, though many students take 5 years to complete the program.

Baylor has an enrollment of 15,364. It's a private University, For the tuition it would be 35,972. the percentage of women is 59% and for men is 41%. The type of degrees they offer are Bachelor's Master's and Doctoral. The major I would like to study that they offer me are Biomedical sciences, General, Neuroscience and Multi-/Interdisciplinary studies. The name of their mascot id Judge Lady or Judge Joy, one sport I will play when I got to Baylor will be soccer. They haven't named their admission building and their main library.

What I learned about this project was that it won't be easy becoming a neuroscience/neurosurgeon/neurologist there is a lot to learn, a lot of classes and years but it will be worth it and it's a challenge I am willing to take. To achieve my goal into becoming a neuroscience/neurosurgeon/neurologist I will obviously stay in school, I will study harder, pay more attention, if there is any extra work that I can do I will do it, try my very best to only have A's. I will do all I can do.

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