The first fatal accident ever recorded in London was said to happen on August 17, 1896 when Bridget Driscoll died while the first one in Britain happened on February 23, 1899 which involves a driver and passengers. Since then, the number of fatal car accidents went higher and higher, unfortunately even as the advancement for safety precautions went higher too. It is a good thing that many still produces quality road safety products and road laws are still strictly followed on many cities.

To prevent accidents from happening, it is best to also identify its common causes so as to not commit the same mistakes again:


Statistics of car accidents that are caused by drunk driving increases year by year. Despite the many attempts on different companies and advertising agencies to put up public awareness on drunk driving safety measures, some people especially the younger ones, can’t still seem to follow it. Driving under the influence of alcohol can be very dangerous as it slows down your senses making you lack focus on your driving. It also has the tendency to make you sleepy which is, as well, very risky. Keep yourself sober first before stepping into the gas pedal because aside for getting yourself into an accident, worst is you might involve any innocent one from your reckless driving.


Many are charged guilty for over speeding even with all the road safety posters warning us of the do’s and don’ts. Many are encouraged to overspeed when they feel that they won’t get caught, probably because of the location and / or time. But over speeding can also be very dangerous because it limits the amount of time one would need to actually avoid a crash which increases the tendency for a car crash and a severe one if it happens. Drivers should take note that when your speed increase from 40 mph to 60 mph then the energy that is released in the crash doubles or even more. Don’t be too aggressive when driving and also be considerate with your co- passengers. No matter how much you need to catch something, it is still not enough to risk your life for it.


Bad weather is something man can’t control and sadly some also get into accidents because of this. Most of the time it is due to the heavy rain, snowstorms or high wind and fog. These circumstances can be a form of distractions to one’s driving. Make sure that you slow down when these happens and don’t fight natural occurrences. When the fog or rain covers your view already, find some place to stop over first. But the best way to prevent getting into an accident during bad weather is to postpone some trips if you may and not take your life in danger with nature.