Gods and Goddesses

Task 1 A:Lukes thought is that they have power.Wills thought is that i like to see them fight to win the WAR.

Task 1 B:Hades has the underworld,Poseidon has Earth,and Zeus has heaven.

Task 1 D:Zeus is the mightest and strongest god.

Task 2 A:  Greek Names,aphrodite,athena,poseidon,zeus,apollo,demeter,hera,eros,ares,hermes, artemis,hades,Roman names,diana,mars,apollo,mercury,saturn,vulcan,jupiter,neptune,cupid,juno,pluto,minerva,      venus

Task 3 A:Hercules dad is cronus mom is Hera, Odysseus's dad is laertes.Perseus dad is acrisius.

Task 4 A:Musda has snake hair and has a gold necklace,minatare is half human and half horse and horns, sharp teeth,sybaris has 3 heads 6 eys  and has chains holding him back,cyclops has one eye  sledgehammer  and sharp teeth also very strong.

Task 5 A:Born in san Antonio tx u.s. Home now San Antonio tx U.S.

Task 6 Bonus A:Hercules 12 tasks of labor r the lion,the hydra,the belt,the hind,the boar,the cattle,the stables,the birds,the bull,the horses,the apples,the cerberus.

Task 5 B:Rick Riordan wrote The lighting thief,The house of hades,and The mark of Athena,his book that would recommend is percy jackson & the olympian god he wrote the lightning thief because he wanted to prove that gods were alive in the 21st century.

Task 6 Bunus B:Γουλιέλμος μιcηαελ μολναρis william michael molnar in greek,λθκε δαvιδ γραυσον-φρανκσ is how you spell luke david grayson-franks in greek.

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