Trash pollution & Waste managenent

  • Trash pollution is an very concerned topic. Especially among people that care about the environment. It is also a very unconcerned topic at the very same time. I am trying to find ways to stop trash polluting the earth, and taking so much space in landfills. Who will help me stop trash pollution?

What causes too much trash?

Trash starts with what we grow, make, and harvest. Its the way we dispose of it and its contents,thats what becomes the problem. We are running out of resorces to make all things we need,and running out of spaced to throw away the garbage. Even though we triple R ( reduce, reuse, recycle.). It dosn't help much. There is still more to be done.

Why isnt anyone doing anything about the trash?

I think the reason that no one is doing anything about it is because, its probobly " to much work."  Also people think that it won't affect them. Again people think it dosn't affect them, it does and it also affect the people around us. Also i think that no one knows that trash is such a big deal. IT IS...!!!!

How is trash affecting the enviorment?

From a certain website i looked at it says that trash can cause explosions from the methane gas. It also takes up alot of space which can be used for hospitals and animal shelters etc. The most interstging and shocking thing about how trash is affecting the enviorment is...... wait for it...... wait for it.... THE BUBONIC PLAUGE OR BLACK DEATH!!!! The bubonic plauge was caused by trash . Over 1 million people died because of trash. Everyone used to put trash in the rivers ande it filled up attracting rats which have fleas which carry the disiese. WOW, caused just by thrash. It could've been avoided.