step 1 #ecosys3 OCEAN

sharks seaweed seahorses turtles
chorl reefs stingrays



rocks,the sun, and she shells

step 3 carrying capacity


Sharks have a carrying capacity that means they live in the ocean when the food for the sharks capacity goes down some of the sharks die.

step 4
limiting factors
sharks and fishes the sharks are the the predators and the fish are the pray. when the sharks eat the fish/pray it give the energy to reproduce and to find food for the family or there pack .

step 5

this is a producer it starts the whole food chain off

this is one of the consumers they eat the seaweed and other ocean grass

then this is the decomposers when an animal dies this is what decomposes is and puts it back in the ground

step 6 food chain

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can you explain carrying capacity in a little more detail? what you wrote doesn't really make much sense. you are also only on step 3... what is your plan for catching up and getting through step 12 done by this Friday?