10th Anniversary Edition - May 2015

10th Anniversary Events


On April 17th, Bondar students and staff celebrated our REACH award winners and Education Week Award of Distinction winners at our REACH Assembly.  Our Award of Distinction winners include:

  • Community Partners:  Devinder Aasi (Omni Flowers) and Tahir Siddique (Pizza Pizza)
  • Teachers:  Donna Baker, Wendy Brick, Marla Cook and Pat Harber

Thank you for your contributions to our school!

We celebrated the 10th anniversary of Roberta Bondar Public School with the unveiling of our most recent wall murals, which included stars decorated by students and current staff as well as many staff members who worked at the school in the past 10 years.  A class of Grade 5 students sang a song in celebration of our 10th year.  We were especially happy to have Ms. Hamilton at the school to visit with parents over tea and say farewell to the students at the assembly.


Students from Grades 4 to 8 who were interested in performing at the Showcase of Talent were invited to audition in February.  With the supervision of teachers, these students practised in preparation for the show, which was held on April 22nd and 23rd.

Our hosts, Abisha and Kavya announced the acts and kept the show moving!  The talent show began with a polished performance by our cheerleading squad (coached by Mrs. Rodic and Mrs. Wood), which included a floor routine and amazing stunts such as lifting their teammates into the air.  

There was instrumental music to enjoy!  We listened with anticipation as Saanvi, Athul and Elizabeth demonstrated their musical ability on the piano while Kalpi played the violin and Madhurie performed on the sitar.  The 40-piece school band entertained us with two songs - the "Starfire March" and "Rock Point 5" - led by Mr. Carr.  Kisha's love of singing shone through in her rendition of "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele.  Anna sang a favourite Taylor Swift song, "Safe and Sound".  

The group called "Fusion" sang and danced to the song "I Believe" from the movie "Honey".  Sneh captivated the audience with her solo ballet routine to "Butterfly Fly Away".  The contemporary dance group consisting of Simran, Supreet and Tanureet choreographed their own dance to accompany Ed Sheeran's "Give Me Love".  Gia, Ravneet, Sasha, Sierra and Simran, a group of girls in grade 5, worked together to create dance steps for the son "Happy".  

The finale of the Showcase of Talent was the Bondar Urban Dance Team.  The team used body percussion and spoken word to highlight mental illness issues that many people encounter in their everyday lives.  Each performance in the talent show was unique and highlighted the talents of these Roberta Bondar Public School students!  


On Saturday, April 25th, Roberta Bondar Public School celebrated our first Dig Day.  We had many fun centres like a scavenger hunt, planting flowers in our school garden, making seed pods, cleaning up the neighbourhood and even eating apples!  Ms. Hamilton and Ms. Johnston planted a "Red Sunset Maple Tree".  Dig Day was a great way to end Education Week!

By Bipasha in 6D


On April 17th, we celebrated the ten year anniversary of Roberta Bondar Public School.  As a part of the celebration, we had a two-week art exhibit.  All of the grades participated in a special art project.  Each class created art work that included the number "10".  As an example, the grade 6 classes chose ten beautiful "Dream Art" paintings to display.  Lots of people stopped by to admire the beautiful art.  The exhibit was held outside of the gym.  I think it was a great opportunity to represent your grade level through art!

By Khushi in 6D

Celebrating Music


On Monday, May 4th, we celebrated Music Monday, along with hundreds of other schools across Canada.  At our assembly, we recognized the important role that music plays in our lives and learned ways that music is part of every subject we study, including math, language, science and social studies!  The whole school sang several songs together, including the Music Monday song, "We Are One", written by Peel student Connor Ross.


On May 6th, the Grade 7 and 8 Band got to perform at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga.  The Band, led by Mr. Carr, played the songs "Starfire March" and "Peach Blossoms".  Altogether, it was a great trip!

By Saamiyah and Tanjot in 8A


On May 12th, Michael Mitchell performed a concert of songs about Canada!  He included ones from class and the O Canada parade, including "Land of the Silver Birch", "Black Flies" and "Canada in My Pocket".  We learned about other provinces, like Quebec, and how they "tap the trees in the spring to make maple syrup.  We loved the Newfoundland jig and singing with Michael Mitchell and the teachers!

By Pulvisha and Veer in 4A

Family Events


On Thursday, May 14th, we welcomed our newest Bobcats!  Students starting Year 1 Kindergarten in August came to learn how they can be well prepared for the transition to kindergarten.  Students learned who their teacher would be, what the day will look like, and participated in several learning centres in their new classrooms!  They were so excited to meet their teachers and to get familiar with their environment.  Students received a bag of materials from the Learning Partnership at the end of the evening.


The Family Activity Night was very fun because there were lots of games, like Hoop Basketball, Hoop Toss, What Time Is It Mrs. Wolf, Math Buzz, What Can You Build (with straws) and much more!  Over 100 people came with their families.  The event was for one hour.  Everybody had fun and when it was time to go home, everyone got a freezie!

By Harsharan and Joshua in 3C

Daily News



On April 29th, the Bondar community celebrated Secretaries' Day by taking our office staff out for a special lunch.  We appreciate everything they do for us!

Thanks Mrs. Desai, Mrs. Enright and Ms. Markham!

On April 30th, many of the grade 8 students and various teachers attended a grade 8 discussion from 12:00-12:40 in the gym, organized by Mr. Mehta.  Mentimeter is a website where you are asked questions and you answer them using your device.  It allows you to see what your fellow peers voted for and why.  During this discussion, the students and teachers all sat on chairs in the gym to show that we are all equal and none of us have more or less power than another.  The circle was a really enjoyable experience since it's a little out of the ordinary and you get to learn a lot about the other students.  It was totally worth spending 1 E-Break.  I'm really looking forward to the next three discussions and am sure they will be just as interesting as this one.

By Tejpreet in 8E


I am enjoying these trips because they are helping me to become more happy and joyful.  It also helps me learn more about nature and different kinds of plants and trees.  This trip has taught me about the importance of fire safety around an open fire in a forest and about exploring the great outdoors.  This trip is good for collaboration, teamwork and learning what people can accomplish together.  I believe this trip is changing my mind about nature and animals, and it changed my mind about how people used to survive outdoors.  It has taught me how to cook something over a fire.  Overall, this trip has basically taught me what honesty can get you and what Mother Nature is all about.  You should respect other people and their differences and appreciate the accomplishments they have made.

By Amir in 7E


On Wednesday, May 6th, the grade 5 and 6's went to the Brampton Library to meet Robert Paul Weston, who wrote one of the Silver Birch fiction books, "The Creature Department".  We had a great time there!  To go on this trip we had to first read the book and write Mrs. Cook a persuasive letter.  Robert Paul Weston gave us a behind-the-scenes tour on how he wrote the book and told us how an animation company made his book and told us how an animation company made his book look animated.  He was one of the funniest authors I have ever visited and he showed us a new fun way to enjoy writing.  The best part was when he showed us himself talking to Gugor, one of his favourite characters from his book.  Thank you to Mrs. Cook for taking us and to Ms. Johnston for making it possible for us to go!


Please contact the school office as soon as possible if your child will be attending a new elementary school following the summer break!

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