Mona's Much Ado Retelling


As everyone got ready for the party I could tell that Hero had hoped to meet someone there the other night and as we continued to get ready; and as the party was occurring the prince Don Pedro had everyone under the impression of wooing her for himself and Don John planted seeds of doubt into the mind of Claudio. With all the chaos occurring he almost kept my lovely cousin form being happy with Claudio. Apparently mine and Benidick's battle of wits were our ways of expressing  our feelings for each other and he has been nearly sick in love with me but everyone seems to think I'm incapable of love even though my feelings betray myself! Claudio destroyed Hero's reputation and i bid that Benidick defends her honor especially how we have to portray her as dead until we find a way to convince of her innocence! As we were loosing hope that the truth would come out Borachio confessed to Claudio. My uncle being the cunning man he was he had his brother give hero to Claudio as his daughter and they married! Then afterward me and Benidick got married! 'Tis a very hard way to describe the feelings I had when we had the proofs of our love switched! To make everything better they had captured Don John and to make sure the festivities were still joyous he decided to deal with him tomorrow everything has worked out and we will all be happy!

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