How to download BB instant messenger

Presented by Paula Thompson

Step-By-Step Process Outlined Below

How to download Blackboard Instant Messenger

1.       Click on Tools inside your Blackboard Class

2.       Select Blackboard IM which is Blackboard Instant Messenger

3.       Click on “Download Blackboard IM”

4.       Either select to Save or Run.  If you want to use it now, click Run.  If you wish to use later click Save.

5.       The Bb IM will then popup when you turn on your computer the next time, or may appear now.

6.       To use Bb IM just sign in with your KCTCS username and password

7.       You may use it anytime.  I have office hours on Tuesday nights from 9:00-11:00 online.   I will be watching for any of you who wish to talk with me.

8.       I am online a lot.  So, you might reach me other times as well.  I see a blinking acknowledgement at the bottom of my screen on the task bar.  This lets me know you are there.  You my use it live audio, or you may key text.  You may also use video if you wish.

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