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1.Samantha got a package from Ebay today.She got a really good deal on a littlest pet shop that is worth $45 and she only paid $5.That is a great deal on a littlest pet shop.The animal she got was a Great Dane. She can not wait to make a littlest pet shop series about him on Youtube.

2.Samantha was scared of taking a test.She felt like she was going to fail so she studied all night.The next morning she had a feeling that she was going to fail.Then she took the test. The next day she got her results and when she looks at the test than she sees it is a 100, She was so happy

3.Samantha got another pet in the mail for 1$ but it is worth $50. She is do happy she has been wanting this pet for a long time. She got this package a week ago.