How Media Influence's Our Knowledge

Media influences knowledge we receive in school, now it can be both negative and positive for some students. The biggest issue with this is that most of the time students try to multi-task and spend there time on social media or doing something else and there attention and focus is now split and now not fully spent on what they are suppose to be doing. For example, lets be honest here I checked twitter at least 3 times before I could figure how to start this... social media is a large distraction. But as I said before there are positives to it, students learn to collaborate and communicate better, they also learn how to work technology and how to survive in business like environment.

Social Media affects our mental health, there are multiple reasons that play a roll in this and these are;

1. Social Media is Addictive

2. Social Media Makes us Compare our Lives to Others

3.Social Media Makes us Restless

4. Social Media Gives a Rise to Cyber bullying

5. Social Media Glamorizes Drugs and Alcohol

There are many many more things that social media does the list could go on and on and most of these things are not positive so why do we have and use social media? Because its addicting and people feed off of the things social media does to you. Theres drama, bullying, people just being nosey you name it and that all feeds peoples addiction into using social media.

Through media in Children's childhood consists of violence which teaches them violence, this influences them negatively from childhood to youth and teaches them to be violent and rough. Most children grow up having behavioral problems or anger problems in life when media introduces them to violence. This is more seen in boys but can happen to any child.

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