My Favorite Actors and Actresses!

We all know that there are actors and actresses out in the world. I have many, many favorite actors and actresses. I will name three of my favorite actors and three of my favorite actresses. Please do not write any hateful comments if you disagree with something that I wrote in my tackk. Let's begin with...

Anthony Anderson!

Anthony Anderson is one of my favorite actors because he is so hilarious! I love his show, "black-ish". If you haven't seen it go to abc or Netflix right now and watch an episode. He isn't one of the MOST attractive actor, but he sure is one of the funniest!

D'Wayne "the Rock" Johnson!

Okay, now I know this man looks like he could rip you apart with one touch...but he is a great actor! I love most of his movies such as "The Game Plan", The Tooth Fairy", etc. he is so strong and handsome! He is a real winner!

Teo Halm!

I think that the only reason he is a good actor to me is because he is hot. If you do not think so, please don't be rude in the comment stream. This is my opinion, and my opinion ONLY. He really isn't the BEST but whatevs!

Zendaya Coleman!

OMG! I love Zendaya so much! I can relate to her in so many ways and she has a great sense of style and humor. She stars in "K.C. Undercover" which is a fantastic show! Watch it, today!!

Sofia Vergara!

Sofia Vergara is so beautiful, polite, funny, etc. She has a great fashion sense and humor, just like Zendaya. She is so comical in the abc hit show, "Modern Family", you should watch that as well!

Julie Roberts!

Julie Roberts is adorable, and I cannot believe she is SEVENTY-NINE years old! It's true! If you don't know her, I guarantee you have seen the sound of music. She is in it.

Well, that's it! I apologize for some of the photos turning out grainy and/or pixel-y. I hope that you enjoyed, and please follow, comment, and like!

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