EpiC Elementary
By: Kai Bennett & Tate McGuire!

So what did you think about about our music video. We also got to have a movie premiere. Us as fourth graders are change makers. We started from the lyrics to video shots to the premiere. We are working on how we can stop people from polluting our water.

we will change the world

Our class is the best grade ever it is fun and we are change makers. I like our class because our door is a big garage door as our normal walk in and out door & our teachers are amazing. we also do spanish on wednesday for 30 minutes and rosette stone a spanish app. So in our grade we have 3 subjects Math, Reading and Spelling. So for math we have I-ready math and reflex. For reading we have Lexia core 5 and I-ready reading. For spelling we have spelling city                                                                                                                                                            

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