Why sleep is important

By shylyn Loewen

Sleep is important because if you don't get enough you can become grumpy the next day, or you may start to feel sick. Without sleep you will not have enough energy to get through your day and it will become hard to concentrate because your body will just want to shut down and sleep. Sleep helps your body grow, so if you don't get enough sleep that may interfere with your growing.

It all depends on the person and age of how much seep you need. For me I need at least 7 hours, but for others they may need 8 or 9.  

Some tip to help you sleep better would be to go to sleep in a cool room, have light blocking curtains, try not to take your electronics down to your room, don't drink caffeine late at night; try to find out how long your caffeine wears off at so that it can be worn off by the time you go to bed, take a hot shower or bath before bed it helps calm your body down!

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