To Explain what was karner blue is,and where its problem is

Karner blue is a butterfly and the problem is that karner blue is  losing their happits and that there going to be homeless

Why the Karner Blue is important is the (GARDENER)

Karner is very important because it's this butterfly than is important for the gardener to save it

This is Karner blue the butterfly that the wild lupine which the eggs on a lupine and that about the book

The Gardener By S.A Bodeen

Aileen Favela

Explain what dose this mean

I though that this story was going to be about plants and stuff like that

But at the end it didn't talk about (Plants) This book was pretty good it talk about this kid and he was sick then he had problems with his mom or dad and it was sad cause he was in a car acsident

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