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webinar express reivew

Product Name:Webinar Express
Creator: Mark Thompson, Anthony Devine, Dylan Jones

Focus on: Webinars, Affiliate Marketing, List Building

Official Website: http://webinarexpress.com/

In the world of business, Webinars have become a vital tool for conducting teach-ins to employees, Q&A sessions with clients, and intellectual exchange among individuals. On June 6, 2013, for a limited time only, a revolution in the world of webinars, Webinar Express will launched as a WordPress plugin that hosts videos through Google Hangouts and Ustream.

This following Webinar Express Review will help you to understand what the program is and why it is so beneficial to anyone interested in webinars and affiliate marketing.

Webinar Express is invented by Mark Thompson, Anthony Devine and Dylan Jones, who are very famous for List Eruption 2.0, WP Signal Tracker, LongTailPro, BonusPress. They are successful persons in Internet Marketing field. Because of the remarkable success with previous products, so now their name represents outstanding quality products. Their products not only belong to a famous brand but also are great achievements they got from working hard


Webinar Express is an amazing plugin that offers your some following features:

  • Customizable Registration Templates
  • Facebook Connect and AR Integration Options
  • Live Webinar Templates-Q&A Features: This feature is great for connecting to clients and allowing them to ask questions about the product. lt is also great for instructional webinars that are geared at teaching key skills to a group of people who may come from varying backgrounds with differing amounts of knowledge about the topic.
    • Video Embedding
    • Replay Ability. Perfect for saving a necessary webinar if you are busy at the time it goes live.
    • Call to Action Buttons-ln-Webinar Social Sharing: This feature is perfect for marketing or allowing live tweeting and posting to promote the webinar while the webinar is going on.
    • Attendance Reports: This function makes it easier for companies to check to see that employees actually watched the seminar and allows individuals to garner knowledge about their social reach.
    • Unlimited hosting. As many attendees that sign up can attend, which is not a feature of GoToWebinars.



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30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

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