The Gardener by S.A. Bodeen

Aylin hernandez

I thought that book was going to be about that the white house was growing plants of humans.

Heterotroph is the most thing that fit with the story of The Gardener because it has that same meaning with the story.

Evolution is the most thing that will explain the story because it talks about how the plants will take over and it will create more an more.

Autotroph is a producer is an organism that produces complex organic in the story because it talks most of plants and the create things with the human body.

Photosynthesis is the process by which green plants talk about in the the story that there plants inside  the human body .

Why does his mother keep secrets?she wants to protect him from the gardener and it was better to live without the true.

Why does she keep saying the Gardener is going to get her? because she was the one that was missing the create thing in her body.

That this was setting of the story was in this ship that had this wired thing in the ship like creating humans with plants and making alot of creating and experdement and alot of human work with this functions.

I think experimenttation is bad because it has alot of this thing going in there body and this influence and making alot of bad things in there body.

That it was talking about that the earth will stop making alot of food and making plants they wanted some all the trees that we need to save them and protect them.

that the they wanted to protect our wrold and they much they had to know what to do all the humans and the trees.

that the story and the music talk about the same thing and the same conflict they want us that the world can change so we can live in this plante.

The Karner Blue is a butterfly and it lives in the rain froest that there no more of the Karner Blue and it was distroy by the humans of our things we do to distroy the rainforest.

The Karner is important in the Gardener because they were part of the story and of the experament of the story and it was the thing that was more important than the story.

the they want to tell us that the earth is very important and they want us to change this earth the way it was the natureal and normal and the most thig the y want the earth.

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