Hands down, the easiest and most effective tips to see your website on Google’s first search page

Most of the websites today work on all aspects to improve their online visibility, but often fail to correct their basics; and this is what keeps them from the first search page of Google. Do you own one such website?

Quick steps to get the basics right

Search friendly content – say a big no to copied or average quality content. The modern SEO is all about putting lively and relevant content on the website.

Google loves high quality content. And Google loves websites which are updated with fresh content every now and then (set up a blog section on the website and update this section at least once a week).

You may not be the best person to craft content which could appeal to both real visitors and Google bots; so it’s better if you let a professional interactive marketing services agency from India.

Device agnostic design is in – Google has said it in the open that it loves responsive or device agnostic websites. See whether you have one. If you still are doing with a conservative website, you may like to speak to someone at a website design company in Delhi, India, and see how they can help you get a device agnostic website.

A responsive design ensures that your website adapts to every screen that a potential customer can use to access your website.

The quick way to get on the top of Google – heard about PPC? Well, it’s the new shortcut, which enables a business have its presence on the first page of Google in no time. But then, there is a catch; you’ve to pay for the visibility on chosen keywords. Speak to an interactive marketing services agency in India to find out more about PPC or pay per click services, and how much you’ve to shell out of your pocket to see desired traffic on the site.

Google has grown to be super smart, and ranks websites based on multiple factors. Nobody in this world knows all those factors (except the people who formulate these factors/rules); the best we know is the power of content, design, and user experience, and how they attract Google’s attention.

If you run a business and hardly find time to devote to upgrade your website, you have an option: speak to an interactive marketing services agency in India, and sign up for their one or more services.