Can't Get Your Website To Rank? Perhaps The Design Is To Blame!

There is a whole lot of confusion when it comes to how many websites have changed from their traditional design philosophies to adopt ‘mobile first’ as their de facto standards. Some say that the number is as high as 82% some differ and give a number that is very small but everyone agrees on one thing that responsive web design solves quite a few problems.

Google Makes It Evident That ‘Responsive’ Is the Way Forward

Even big corporates that have too many stake holders and very complicated sites are getting on the responsive design bandwagon faster than you would have imagined. And there are definite advantages when you make your website easy to view on mobile devices. The world has changed a lot since the first websites came online. The power of Google today is so much so today that it can pave the way forward for the most dominant design today. That’s because Google recently said that it would give more priority to websites that were mobile friendly. Now Google already has over 200 parameters to decide whether websites are good enough to deserve higher ranks and now this one has been added to that. The effect – now more websites are forced to make their website responsive – which isn’t a bad thing at all.

What Are Your Challenges?

If you don’t have a website yet or you plan on making one entirely from scratch you are lucky because the complications are far lesser than if you have a big site that needs to be modified to make responsive. The second one will cost slightly more but it can be done. If your problem is the first one we mentioned then all you need to do is get in touch with an agency that does Responsive web design in Dubai and get the new site built. Here we will tackle the second problem because that’s the one that needs tackling.

Solution#1 – Responsive Retrofit

Cheapest of all the three methods we are going to talk of here is this one which is fairly new and is called RWD Retrofit. This one is a smart way of tackling the issue. It triggers when the viewport (screen of the device) changes from big to small. Technical details of this method are easily available on the internet, implementing it will take some smart coding skills so you will have to reach out to a designer but the costs will be much less compared to getting a new website done.

Solution#2 – Reengineering Your Old Website

This is the worst of all solutions we tell you about In fact this isn’t a solution at all, it’s a poor hack that will cause more problems than you can think of. So take the smarter path and get a new website made instead that mirrors all your old features but is modern under the skin, which is our next solution.

Solution#3 – Responsive, Mobile First Website

Start fresh and get a new website made that is fresh and future proof. You will have every single feature you want and the site will be so light and fast that your visitors will love you for making the new site. This is costly but can be cheaper than reengineering old sites. Get in touch with a designing agency in Dubai and find out the best solution for you.