Wednesday, June 12, 2013

iPad, iPad, iPad, Google, Google, Google

One last type of
video/story to tell

  • Warm-up:  List 4-5 emotions/feelings on the board.
  • Use Skitch to make an image of yourself expressing each feeling.
  • Save all images to your camera roll.
  • Click on the button below to watch my video.
  • Click on the Animoto app.  Click on create.  Use your images.  Choose a style and music.  Create.  Share.  Critique.

Do another Animoto video.

  • Think about a short story. 
  • Use the Storytelling 101 handout to plan your story.
  • Take 10-15 photos.
  • Click on the Animoto app.
  • Tell your story in 6 images.
  • Share.

Let's use another tool.

Now we'll use another tool/app to create an image.  Let's call it a teaching image.Using Google Earth and Thinglink, I have created this teaching image.Open Google Earth, find an area you want to learn and teach about.  Do a screen shot. 
Then open Thinglink.  Log in with our class email.  Choose the screen shot you made and label the image.  Save it.  We'll all share.

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