The Dangers of Amoeba

Amoeba Summary 1

Found in the Northern Waters

In the article I read, there’s a disease called Amoeba. Amoeba is a disease that’s in fresh water’s .MI1 There were only 34 people reported in the United States in the last ten years. SD1 More than half the cases have come from the southern states and have gone up as far as Minnesota. SD1 “We’re seeing it in states where we haven't seen the case before.” Says Jennifer.

Amoeba Chooses a Victim & Attacks

MI2 It takes water to get Amoeba. SD2 People usually get Amoeba if an activity forces water up their nose. SD2 One case happened during baptism drinking.

There’s no stopping Amoeba

MI3 Try to keep water from going up your nose. SD3 You can get Amoeba if you get fresh water from a lake, river, or a pond. SD3 Amoeba goes into the nose and leads directly into the brain


Amoeba: A disease that causes brain aches and can kill you.

sinuses is: a hollow space in your head that can fill with mucuses.

Amoeba Summary 2

                                          The Beginning of Amoeba  

In the article I read, Amoeba is a disease that lies in the fresh waters. MI1 A headache, fever, and staring episodes are the start of Amoeba and you go to the hospital. SD1 That boy had staring episodes and wouldn't respond to anything. SD1 That five year old boy had Amoeba and his parents took him to the hospital.

MI2 Amoeba can effect the brain if it gets to the nasal passages. SD2 After it gets to the nasal passages the amoeba passes through the porous bone separating the sinuses and the brain. SD2 This creates brain aches.

MI3 Amoeba is on it’s way to different places. SD3 At one time it was only found in the south. SD3 Now it’s gone from the south to Indiana, to Kansas, then all the way to Minnesota.


In my opinion these articles are kind of the same, but mostly different. They’re the same because they have some of the same information & they’re different because they don’t have most of the same information. I also think these are very interesting articles.

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