Weekend Update

Ivy removal, hot dog intake edition.

A good day for a till & planting some front-yard crops.

Last time we caught up I introduced you to our friend, Parsley. This time we're testing our hand at outdoor cropping. So we rented a till & took a weeded, ivy-infested bed in front of our house & turned it into an urban farm. Hopefully in a month or two we'll be eating a salad that was fully grown in our own yard!

Hot Dogs & Dead Guys

We needed to visit Whiskey Dogg which is owned by Joe Kahn. Joe also owns one of our favorite taco joints – Barrio. Tacos, Hot Dogs, Whiskey. If that's not a business plan I don't know what is.

We inadvertently visited a handful of cool bars & restaurants on this weekend. The list includes: Touch Supper Club, Melt Bar & Grilled, World of Beer, & Grey Dog Diner.

Cleveland Flea

Cleveland Flea at Sterle's Country House

Good Weather is Good for the Soul

There's a spot at Edgewater park that we've never visited before & the weather was so nice that @shaynabane & I took in the view.