Weekly MaxWellness - 3/14

The absolute latest in wellness, from #wearables to #mhealth.

What you need to know this week in the world of wellness, compiled by our in-house mobile wellness geek extraordinaire, Taylor Pechacek.

A new wearable, Moov, promises to be the next step

  • "Welcome to the next generation of wearable fitness tracking! The first round of fitness trackers focused on introducing the idea of data to your daily activity and workout, but a new company called Moov wants to go beyond basic “step" data to tell you how to improve your form and get the most out of your workout."

The real paradox in American Health Care

  • Article by Stephan C. Schimpff, MD which talks about our crippling delivery system. "So the paradox is that America has the providers, the science, the drugs, the diagnostics and devices that are needed for outstanding patient care. But the delivery is not what it should or could be."

The future looks bright for mHealth

  • The outlook for the global mHealth market is very promising, a new market report says, with the industry poised to exceed $49.1 billion by 2020.

Employers are spending more on wellness in 2014

  • Employers continue to invest in wellness programs aimed at improving employees’ health. In 2014, 3 in 4 employers plan to offer incentives to employees who participate in health improvement programs compared = and the financial value of these incentives has grown to $500, up from $338 in 2010.

Investor weighs in on digital health startups' relevancy

  • Krupa argues that these individual public exchanges change everything for healthcare, because for the first time there will be a greater emphasis on the individual needs of the consumer in healthcare, which he says hasn’t received much emphasis at all up until this point.

Emerging wearable tech, Basis, gets bought by Intel

  • The fast-growing smartwatch maker has been acquired by Intel for an estimated $100 million. Since official word of the acquisition surfaced, however, others have suggested that the final sale price may be closer to $150 million.