Merry Christmas from the Wehrleys

2014 has been a great year. We've almost hit the one year anniversary in our new house. Just in case you don't have it, our address is:

859 Sibert Ct, Lafayette, CA 94549

We are loving our new house in the burbs. It's so great to have space, a playroom and a yard for the boys, and we are still within walking distance to downtown Lafayette and to the BART train which we use to get to the city for work (and date nights). We've been fortunate enough to welcome many visitors to our new house -- Uncle Andy, Paul's aunt Mag, my mom Joan and step-dad Terry (several times), my cousin Drew, and most recently, my brother Jeff with his wife Shea and two kids came in town to celebrate a mini Christmas with us. It was so fun to have the four kids together for a winter holiday. On the flip side, we spent a month in St. Louis again this summer and made the annual trip to Lake of the Ozarks with all of our Missouri family friends. With grandparents primed to babysit, Paul and I took a getaway to Puerto Rico which was AWESOME! If you ever go, I highly recommend visiting the bioluminescent bay in Vieques. It's Disneyland-on-peyote magical. Enjoy the updates below and Merry Christmas!


Paul tried vegetable fries in Puerto Rico. This is how much he liked them.

Since making the switch to the burbs, Paul is discovering his inner Ron Swanson -- he's built a huge sandbox for the boys, crafted two work benches in the garage, installed a ceiling fan and light in our bedroom, and even done some metal work to create address numbers for the front of our house. Besides doing man projects, Paul has been working on a startup called Ivy with three other friends that he's worked with for a long time in the internet world. Ivy is a mobile app that allows you to share your location and chat with your friends. He can't wait for you to download the new NEW version in about a month. Paul's big sports thrill in 2014 was celebrating his Giant's 3rd World Series win in five years. Somehow he secretly recruited his niece Tori to be a Giant's fan even though her parents are Cardinals and Royals fans. (It may be due to the fact that Uncle Paul is her favorite.)


Paul and I went square dancing, obviously.

I've enjoyed spending so much time outside, exploring our area and meeting up with the twins group at different parks. Our friends, the Vanimans, also moved to Lafayette from the city so we often meet up with our "neighbors" who have a 1 year old son, Luke. I  just celebrated my 10 year anniversary at my company Intrax, although I've just been working part-time since the twins’ birth. I recently moved into the IT department (as I've exhausted every other role in the company) and will be working to improve communication between our technical IT teams and our business teams. In November, I met my childhood friends Annie and Julie in Austin, TX for a much needed girl's weekend. It was so great to spend time with my ladies and I'm so thankful that Paul is able to manage our crazy offspring with his daddy skills.

The Twins

The twins turned 2 on September 28th and the "terrible two's" have not been so terrible; which may be due to the fact that the twins were SO challenging for the first year of their life. Life is easier with their improved communication. They started preschool in October and already have a much larger vocabulary, sing more songs, can count to 11 (despite skipping 3 and 4), etc. Collectively, both boys love playing Beatles Rock Band, pointing out when "Bimmy" the cat is doing something wrong, and imitating Mr. T saying "I pity the fool" (I pee da poo).


Alex = Little lion.

Alex is into shooting hoops, jumping on the trampoline, playing the drums, and seeing Jesus (our garbage man as opposed to the guy from Nazareth). Lately, he's not into wearing pants or socks. He's the "mischievous twin," blaming Tommy for things that he did or bullying his brother even though he's slightly smaller. He seems to have inherited my grandpa's knack for nicknames as he calls Paul and me "Daddia" and "Mommia." And since he's become much closer with Paul this year he sometimes says "Daddia...buddia."


Tommy with his California hair.

Tommy is into books, trains, sporadic dancing, and naked lawn mowing. "Watch dis, mom." He's not into Alex getting too much attention and even created a term, "my hug", to tell us when he doesn’t want Alex included in a group hug with mom or dad. He's the "courteous twin" often helping with the vacuuming or telling on himself if he broke something. It's great that his title has changed as he was the "twin we'd trade in" during year 1.


Jimmy rests after a big Jazzersize routine.

Our first child, Jimmy, is especially loving our new house now that he has become an indoor/outdoor cat. He's only brought one mouse in the house which was a thrill for the boys, who are especially good at imitating mom's scream.

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3 years ago

I Loved the catch up on the boys and the awesome pictures.

3 years ago

Love the update and pictures!!

3 years ago

Good lookin' out Wehrley family. Always love your Christmas updates

3 years ago

Very cute update! Sorry to see that you guys are currently too cash-strapped to purchase and mail traditional holiday cards, but this is a cute and creative alternative!

3 years ago

I'm kind of pissed that I didn't make the 'people who visited the new house" list. It's OK, I'll probably get over it! ;) I hope you guys had a very merry christmas and have a happy new year!

3 years ago

Best holiday card I have seen in years! Love you guys.