Weigh Anchor : Decor

Have you ever wished you were an unbridled, adventurous, fiercely sexy pirate? Or perhaps a dashing 18th century naval officer with a mind of steel and great calves? (Spoiler: if you said no, you're lying -- so we know you're in the pirate camp.) While the Jack Sparrow/Commodore Norrington flavors of these swashbuckling lives are sadly long past, it's easy to bring the magic of seafaring adventure into your home with some high seas decor.

1. Photographic Print of a Boat Sculpture (above)

Invoke the whimsical magic of stories, sailing, and high-seas adventure with this paper-sculpture print. Then lament the fact that none of your books are actually this cool, and that some neat old vintage book was decimated in the creation of this sculpture.


2. Gilt Sail Boat Sculpture

Get the beauty of the Midas Touch without the horror of sinking the boat you're on or dying of starvation!  

3. Pirate Ship Necklace

Keep the sea-farer spirit close to your heart and swashbuckling tales fresh on the imagination with this handmade boat pendant. The boat invokes adventure, while the tentacle setting reminds you that the sea is also a terrifying place that could kill you at any moment. Seriously. That octopus is actually larger than the boat. Talk about sea monsters.

4. Working Compass Accent Table

Always be prepared for the moment when your home turns out to be a flying vessel destined to seek treasure and adventure with this working compass accent table! You may also want to get an anchor, backup rations, and a steering wheel. They should fit in the hall closet.

5. Shell Chandelier

Not sure if you want your living room to say "sophisticated" or "salty working-class seaman"? Now you can have both!

6. Port Hole Mirror

Confuse your guests by placing porthole mirrors at even intervals down the hallway of your house. When they see their reflection instead of the ocean, they will either be very disappointed they are NOT, in fact, on a boat, or suffer a crisis at realizing Davy Jones' Locker is already populated by their ghost.

7. Moby Dick Print

What sea-themed discussion is complete without a reference to the infamous White Whale and the mad Captain Ahab? None! Make sure you point out the print by quoting “...to the last I grapple with thee; from hell's heart I stab at thee; for hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee!” while gesticulating wildly in true Ahab fashion.

8. Seafarer Jute Pillow

Even pirates (and cold sexy British naval officers) have to sleep. Occasionally. Nap in nautical style with this jute throw pillow. Just try not to sleep through a mutiny and wake up to a sharp sword and orders to walk the plank. Or, you know, take out the trash before you nap.

9. Wooden Pirate Ship Wheel

No one is going to believe you're captain if you aren't at the helm of your ship. I humbly suggest walking around the house holding your wheel at all times to assert dominance.

10. Palm Beach Chandelier

Add a little Caribbean charm to your living or dining room with this stunning chandelier. Just don't spend too much time stewing on the horrors of conquest and Western expansion, mixed with post-modern appropriation, that ultimately brought you this piece. Pirates aren't great intellectuals, anyway.

11. Sea Monster Print

Sometimes stories really do leap off the page. Best to freeze them in moments of climactic horror by ripping the page out, slamming a piece of glass over it, and hanging it in your home for all to enjoy. Destruction, ho!

12. HMS Victory Ship Model

And of course, what pirate (and/or Commodore) fantasy is complete without a ship? Victory seems a fitting name for your fantasy's crowning achievement. Of course, it could also be cruel irony, as, let's face it, you're probably never going to be captain of such a pretty boat. Ship. I meant ship.