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How does playing violent video games affect teenagers actions

               "Dont let them become the monsters that we see in these violent games" Democrat Monique Davis. This guy is saying that we should not be more in to the violence in video games such as in grand theft auto. A crazy 97 percent of teens play video games which you may not believe and 99 percent of boys play video games, while 94 percent of girls play video games.

             An experiment of 77 randomly volunteered people to play either a violent or non violent game. Half of the volunteers played S3K Dirtbike, Dirt 2 and Pure as the nonviolent games, and the other half played Condemned 2, Call of Duty 4 and The Club as the violent games. The players played these games for 20 minutes for 3 straight days. After the 20 minutes the players played an 25-trial computer game to test them on there aggression. The loser got to receive an unpleasant noise through there headphones and the winners got to choose how loud and how long they wanted to blast the noise. The experiment showed that the winners of the game chose to have the sound louder and longer. This shows how easy the violence of aggression can turn because of just a little bit of stress.


            On October 20th, 2007, Daniel Petric shot and killed his mother and wounded his father. On that day Halo 3 came out and Daniel wanted to get the game so he went  out of his window from his room after his parents told him that he could not play anymore violent games. He went into one of the stores to buy the game and when he came back his parents knew he went there so Daniels dad put the game into his secret box into his loset which unfortunately had a handgun with in the box. A month later Daniel found his fathers keys and opened the box to get the game and the gun. While his parents were on the couch watching TV Daniel said "close your eyes I have a surprise for you." It was at that moment Daniel knew he screwed up because after he shot and killed his mother he was sentenced to 23 years in prison

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