By Hayley
-What happen to the Titanic people ask well your about to find out. Also you your  about to find out what happen after the crash.

Why The Crashed Titanic*

-Got stuck on huge iceberg                                          -Sank April 15 1912 2:20am                                          -It became one of the most famous disaster in 20th century          -Left April 10 1912 Southampton England                            -Lookout saw iceberg 11:40 April 14 1912                            -Ship could not move fast enough to past iceberg                    -Hull was torn apart and filled water                              -Happen in North Atlantic                                          -Happen four days in sea                                            -The captain did not know when it hit iceberg                      -Someone had to come tell him the boat was hit                    -When it was first hit it the first floor flooded                  -Took one day to sink                                              -When everyone was almost getting of the front of boat sank        -Did not want to split in half             


What Was The Boat*

-More than 880 feet(270 meter)                                      -People thought it was unsinkable                                  -Only had 20 lifeboats                                              -2,200 people and crew on board                                    -Was known as the largest luxurious liner 20th century              -Made by Thomas Andrews                                            -The titanic was being build 31 March 1909 Belfast shipyard        -Captain E.J Smith                                                  -Did sound alert 37 seconds before crash                            -Made of metal and steel


What Happen After it Crashed*

-Killed 1,500 people                                                -705 people got off lifeboats                                      -Not everyone off not enough lifeboat 2,224 people                  -Government strengthened rule on ships                              -1985 found part of boat underwater                                -Brought piece of boat from ship                                    -Survivors arrived in New York 8:00pm April 18 1912                -The News talking about sinking                                    -4,000 waiting when people arrived New York                        -Also was in newspaper                                              -Another ship close so people on ship could get on                  -People started to search for it                                    -Robert Ballard found ship 1985                                    -Build Titanic 2                                                    -A quarter of the people killed froze   


*This video shows how the titanic sank and how it hit the iceberg  and flooded the 5 stories


That most of the think you need to know about the how the titanic crash and what happen after the crash.