Welcome to Aquae Sulis

Aqua est otium (Water is leisurely)! We appreciate you taking an interest in visiting our town. Here you can view our many amenities and attractions! Are you excited yet?

Things to Do

So you are wondering what it is you can actually do here right? Well, we will tell you!

1. Take a dip in the baths of course! (The baths are a wonderful place to clean up and relax! We also have so many other things to do here. You can hang out with your friends, get a rub down, play games like trigon, have snacks, and play board games like tabula. Our baths are even believed to have mystical healing powers!)

2. You can go shopping! (We have so many shops here in Aquae Sulis! Check them out some time!)

3. Worship in the temple! (The temple is built on a mound of earth we call a podium. It makes the temple higher than the other buildings near it. It's the temple of Minerva, who is the goddess of the baths.)

4. Go see a theater production! (We have a wonderful theater here in Aquae Sulis! You can come see a variety of shows!)

The Baths

Places to Stay

There are many places you can stay around Aquae Sulis. From apartments that are each up to 5 stories high for rent to nice hotels of relaxation! Spend a weekend or spend a lifetime here! Here is a map showing places to stay and shop/eat!

Map of Aquae Sulis

Places to Shop/Eat

Lots of restaurants and pubs are scattered around town. With a variety of high quality foods to street vending. There are also shops among them that sell jewelry and other items that you can throw into the spring that feeds into the baths to honor the goddess, Minerva.

Head of Minerva

Example of an Itinerary


5 p.m.- Arrive at hotel

5:30 p.m.- Settle into room

6 p.m.- Go to dinner at hotel's restaurant

8 p.m.- Walk around city

9 p.m.- Go to bed


8 a.m.- Wake up

8:30 a.m.- Eat breakfast

9:30 a.m.- Head to the baths

10 a.m.- Have a bath

12 p.m.- Get a rub down

1 p.m.- Eat lunch at baths

2 p.m.- Tabula tournament

4 p.m.- Outdoor workout games

5:30 p.m.- Take another bath

7 p.m.- Eat dinner at nearby restaurant

8 p.m.- Worship at temple

9 p.m.- Head home

9:30 p.m.- Go to bed


8 a.m.- Wake up

8:30 a.m.- Eat breakfast

9:30 a.m.- Shop at local stores

12 p.m.- Eat lunch at local restaurant

1 p.m.- Go to theater

1:30 p.m.- See theater production

3:30 p.m.- Head back to hotel

4 p.m.- Pack up

4:30 p.m.- Check out and head home

Example of Roman Theater

Other Facts

1. Minervae caput est aes (Minerva's head is bronze).

2. Thermae fuit tepidarium, laconicum, et caldarium (The bath has a cold room, a hot room, and a very hot room).

3. Thermae est ver (The bath is a spring).

4. Fecerunt Celtis (Built by Celts).

5. Areas fecerunt Romanis (Floor built by Romans).

6. Romani supervenerunt in 43 AD (The Romans arrived in 43 AD).

7. Oppidum est 23 acres longus (The town is 23 acres long.)

8. Oppidum est munitum oppidum (The town is a walled town).

9. Minerva est deam artis (Minerva is the goddess of art).

10. Minerva est Sulis (Minerva is Sulis).

Thank you for visiting our site and possibly visiting Aquae Sulis! We hoped this helped you make your decision. We can't wait to see you!

-Aquae Sulis Visitor's Bureau

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