Welcome To Band!

My name is Mrs. Kristin Loos, and I will be your child's teacher this year. I am so glad you joined band! Please read the information and watch the videos below so you know what to expect this year. There are FOUR hidden tasks on this page. In order to get full credit for this week's practice assignment, you must complete all FOUR tasks.

Students and parents should do this assignment TOGETHER. I can't wait to have fun making music together this year!


Mrs. Kristin Loos

YOUR NEXT TASK: Click the button below and go hunting for my email address. Email me and introduce yourself. Tell me anything you'd like me to know about you and your family. Once you've emailed me, save my email address as a contact on your mobile device or computer. Don't hesitate to contact me for anything regarding your child's experience in band!

As part of this introduction page, you should have learned FOUR separate ways to communicate with me whenever you need to do so. If you were unable to complete all FOUR of the hidden tasks, you will not be able to get full credit for this week's practice assignment! Go back and watch the videos carefully. Each one contains a task to complete.

See you in class tomorrow!
-Mrs. Loos